• He had told the man teaching the paper’s young journalists that he wanted to be a cricket reporter.
  • His progress through the Daily Herald, the Sun and the Mirror took him to the Daily Star where, “thanks to another scrap of good luck”, he was their cricket man for seven years.
  • Thirty years later, he had achieved his ambition to take on “the most envied job in newspapers” as cricket correspondent of a national paper.
  • “When the Star tried to get rid of me, I walked out of the office and set up my own freelance agency, helped by some good friends and a generous pension plan,” Corbett once said.
  • With his partner, the TV and radio scorer, Jo King, Corbett turned Cricket Direct into a highly professional agency, reporting on cricket, from the Outback in Australia, the back of a swaying and bouncing bus in a dangerous South African township and with rainwater lapping round his knees during a thunderstorm in Zimbabwe.

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