The Telegraph – The well-spoken voices, regular presence of Victoria sponges sent in by a Mrs Ponsonby of Chipping Eiderdown, and the gentle hum of gentle humour leads many to assume that Test Match Special, 60 this year, has existed in a permanent state of conservative, chummy contentment.


  • Not the case, Jonathan Agnew told Telegraph Sport: the history of the loved BBC Radio programme has been one of forceful personalities disagreeing passionately on big issues.
  • If you take something like South Africa and the D’Oliveira affair, that really split the commentary box down the middle,” said Agnew.
  • “Brian Johnston believed we should keep playing South Africa, that engagement was the right way to go.
  • John  Arlott was the opposite, he was a big anti-Apartheid campaigner.
  • The impression the listener might have of the TMS gang all cosying up at a jolly tea-party is incorrect, Agnew said.

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