Daily Mail UK – Dan Fallins caught the eye with a four-wicket haul against England on Wednesday, and he certainly celebrated in style.


  • NFL running back Jeremy Hill, of the Cincinnati Bengals, was the first to incorporate the move into a celebration after he scored a touchdown against the Oakland Raiders in September 2015.
  • Newton is from Atlanta, Georgia and that is where the dab originates from.
  • Its roots come from the Atlanta hip hop scene with rapper Skippa Da Flippa the originator of the move.
  • Georgia-based hip hop group Migos released a song called Look at My Dab on October 30, 2015 as the dance became used in other American sports such as basketball.
  • The dab, which looks similar to someone sneezing into the inside of the elbow, soon made its way to Europe with many footballing stars having now adopted the move.

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