Pakistan Today – SYDNEY: Some days of international cricket are more equal than others.


  • Cricket Australia’s chief executive James Sutherland has revealed how three hours of a single Twenty20 international are worth as much to India television broadcasters as five days of a Test match, a market reality that underlines the parlous state of the game’s longest form without context.
  • Speaking to The Grade Cricketer podcast, Sutherland said that “alarm bells” were ringing for Test cricket all round the world, in spite of the sold out crowds and strong television ratings expected for this summer’s Ashes series between Australia and England.
  • The ICC recently, and at long last, approved plans for a World Test Championship to begin in 2019, but Sutherland said the slide of the five-day game’s value was creating major headaches around cricket’s future.
  • In 15 years’ time I sincerely hope that this league will create extra relevance and drive and importance for Test cricket, ideally the championship has significant incentives for countries and players to stay involved in Test cricket, and the rewards and recognition from that will also be seen and reflected in fans coming and continuing to stay connected to the game.
  • I’m not saying there’s any silver bullet solution so I’m not suggesting it’s that, but it’s another reason why we’ve been very strong in trying to introduce day-night Test cricket to time shift it into more available hours for fans to engage with cricket, and I think there are other things that need to be looked at, including pitches to ensure there is a better balance between bat and ball.

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