Sportskeeda – SK Elite: Ricky Ponting’s gritty 156 against England, 2005
Reliving Ricky Ponting’s match-saving masterpiece in the 2005 Ashes.


  • One of his deliveries caught the outside half of an unsure Ponting’s bat, and the ball sped through the slips.
  • Bowling with his loopy, waltzing action, the left-arm tweaker provided some much-needed relief to Ponting, who didn’t falter in wearing the counter-attacking suit.
  • A nonchalant Ponting repeatedly went back, and used the crease to his will.What crossed half the pitch was met with a horizontal bat and deposited on the ropes of extra cover, past a dodging silly point, with all the weight on the back leg.
  • Giles continued to falter, and Ponting eased back, drawing a sofa on the pitch, holding a beer in one hand and leisurely dismissing the deliveries to the chunk of the Old Trafford ground between square leg and midwicket.
  • It missed the bat and kissed the gloves, floating right into the hands of Geraint Jones.Harmison managed to break through Ponting’s defencesAn exhausted, yet relieved Harmison looked like he had just swum across the entire English Channel.

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