The Age – Fourteen years ago as I was gazing across the Khyber Pass with the great Pakistani fast bowler Imran Khan, he offered me some advice: “If you want to conquer the world you need to control this area first.


  • With Imran’s wise words in mind, and the way this Ashes series is scheduled, the winner is likely to be decided by the fitness of the key bowlers on both teams.
  • Alex Kountouris, the Australian physio, told Malvern Cricket Club recently: “Our research shows that sustained high workloads and sudden increases in workload are key contributors to bony injuries in young fast bowlers.
  • But many past players and coaches don’t agree with an approach where young fast bowlers are allowed to bowl up to 20 overs in a day, but aren’t allowed to bowl for another one or two days.
  • Sure many bowlers had other injuries, but Alcott kept many of them on the park, which played a major part in Australia becoming No.
  • A look at how much bowling leading Australian pace bowlers had done in first-class cricket by the age of 23 shows there are successes in avoiding significant early injuries among those with both huge and light workloads.

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