The Guardian – There have been bigger gambles in Ashes history and there have been worse outcomes.


  • But the decision to put Australia in at Adelaide, the first time England have done so here since the ill-fated decision of Bob Willis on the 1982-83 tour, did not look so good after the 81 overs that were bowled on Saturday.
  • The decision to put the opposition into bat had much more logic than in 1982 – after all, Australia have won both day/night matches here batting second – but the end product was grim for Joe Root.
  • Australia were cruising when Warner nibbled at Woakes and for the first time in 84 overs in this series an English bowler had taken a wicket.
  • His first ball was full in length and beat the inside edge of Smith’s bat; then it flicked the batsman’s left pad before disturbing the stumps; the bails lit up magically and Overton had his first Test wicket, the first taken for England by a Somerset bowler since Richard Johnson had Kumar Sangakkara lbw on Sunday’s date in 2003.
  • Still, there was no clatter of wickets in the darkness, which might suggest that upon this surface the ball is not darting around as much in previous years – we will know more when we see Australia bowling.

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