Irish Independent – The Waca is famous for its pace and bounce, traditional characteristics of Australian surfaces which were notably dulled for the first Test in Brisbane.


  • The major difference between English and Australian pitches is the clay content of the soil, according to Alex Vickers, a technical consultant at the Institute of Groundsmanship.
  • The hot sun regularly beating down on the Australian clay soil dries it out, creating more cohesion and a strong, bouncy pitch.
  • Vickers said: “As you dry it out, the forces (holding the clay particles together) become ridiculous – that’s what makes a clay soil in a cricket pitch so much harder.”
  • “Our pitches have a lower clay content,” said Vickers.
  • While England’s pitches are low in clay content and dry relatively quickly, Australia’s high clay content pitches require sunshine and heat to dry out – if they don’t get those things, as they didn’t at the Gabba, problems arise.

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