Roar – The kiss of death for any emerging Australian batsmen in past decades has been to dub him “the next Don Bradman.”

Steve Smith is the latest candidate for this dubious accolade.


  • Second, rather than calling Steve Smith the “next Bradman,” we should think of him as the first batsman, other than The Don himself, to bat with great success using virtually all of the elements of The Bradman Method.
  • Tony Shillinglaw is quoted by James Buckley in the SMH – ‘Just like the Don: Why Smith’s batting method is masterful‘ – in explaining why the Continuous Rotary process worked for Don Bradman and now for Steve Smith: “Bradman’s bat never stopped once it started.
  • The Bradman Method called for a V in the top hand and the bottom hand to be turned around so that the grip was behind the bat handle, rather than along it.
  • Johnny Moyes, the famous cricket broadcaster and author, summed up the Bradman grip this way:“With most players, the (bat) handle runs across the palm of the (right, or bottom) hand and rests against the ball of the thumb.
  • But thinking about this recently I have come to the conclusion that Don Bradman and now Steve Smith used their bottom hand grip to allow them to play pulls and cuts rather like a tennis shot, rather than a traditional cricket shot.

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