Brisbane Times – At 3pm on Friday, the dead rubber became a dead, wet rubber.


  • Steve Smith and David Warner left the Melbourne Cricket Ground as if late for an appointment.
  • The English players dawdled, questioning the umpires, Stuart Broad raising his palms to the sky like a good Midlander, his face saying, ‘You call this rain?
  • Meanwhile the third umpire, who had had better access to the weather radar, headed onto the field beneath a huge golf umbrella.But back to the two Australian batsmen: Smith and Warner, again.
  • Moments later, Khawaja’s uncomfortable tenure came to a predictable end.Smith and Warner remain the only sure bets in the Australian top seven.
  • They reach the end of the Ashes series with questions over four.Subdued: Steve Smith stonewalls the English attack on Friday.Photo: AAP

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