Pakistan Today – It is a rarity to scrutinize test matches as much as we have in the past month.


  • While it is unfortunate to note that only the ‘big three’ are able to attract such scrutiny, it is eventually good for the test match format going forward.
  • Is everyone a home bully in test cricket, do only the shorter formats provide the much-needed unpredictability?
  • For instance, at home, the Indian team has been prolific having won all the series ever since England beat them in 2012.
  • The lop side of Indian dominance is generally the square turners dished out to cater the strong Indian spin attack – a tactic that has been used ever since Indian players publicly criticized pitches abroad and the way they favoured home grounds.
  • They will be heading out to England for a lengthier test match series scheduled in July and then for a full tour in the Australian summer at the end of the year.

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