Rediff – ‘What is true khadoos?


  • ‘For instance, the story of Sunil Gavaskar batting left handed to counter the left-arm spin of Raghuram Bhat and salvaging a draw in the 1981-1982 Ranji Trophy semi-finals.
  • What I’ve just talked about — a kind word from Mr Sardesai, the ‘advice’ and ‘feedback’ he gave many a cricketer and the stories I heard about him forms the central inspiration of my talk this evening about Cricket’s Great Oral Tradition.
  • Coaches, former players, seniors would tell us stories about cricketers they had played alongside and cricket matches which they had played in, which helped us understand and appreciate the game better.
  • Mr Tarapore told me stories about why cricket was called ‘The Gentlemen’s Game’ and instilled in me the values that would help me always try to uphold this ethical gold standard.
  • Another story that I remember Keki Sir telling me was about what happened when a 20-something young man, from my part of the country, made his Test debut for India.

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