Hindu – Vidarbha, captained by Faiz Fazal, recorded its first Ranji Trophy win since being founded as a cricket team in 1957.


  • Here’s a look at the champions of the Ranji Trophy since 1957-58:Vidarbha does not figure much in the list of teams that reached the Finals* or Semi-finals* (they reached the Ranji finals only this year) since 1957-58.
  • We look at the round-robin/league performance (prior to knockout stages) of each Ranji team every season and assign overall points to their seasonal performance.
  • We then looked at the cumulative number of games played by each team (A) in all prior and current seasons they played, and the cumulative number of performance points in all seasons (B), for every season.
  • We then calculated the Underdog Index for the winner of that season as B divided by A.
  • A look at the top ten Ranji champions with the lowest Underdog Index is below:It turns out that Gujarat’s win in 2016-17 was more unexpected than Vidarbha’s victory this year.

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