WA Today – Whoever was coming up with those Guinness ads in the 1980s, one hopes they were paid triple.


  • And sometimes I think I may even have departed the room for whole blocks of minutes at a time, and left those kids watching sport UNSUPERVISED, all on their own.
  • Having wrapped myself up in this glorious tapestry of summer festivities, I have to tell you I felt nothing but despair upon reading a column published this week by Fairfax Media, under the headline “Australia won the Ashes but Australia’s children lost big time – it’s just not cricket”.
  • For the remainder of the column, Hall elucidated me (all of us rotten parents, really) as to how alcohol companies bludgeon our children – my children, and even the complete randoms that find a way to your sofa – with wall-to-wall booze ads during daytime sporting broadcasts.
  • I’ve only just gotten over the trauma of having that big “father and son” talk with my 14-year-old, as Jack simply couldn’t comprehend the abject gall and disrespect shown by Shaun Marsh and Jackson Bird; how they celebrated Australia’s Ashes series win earlier this month by getting stuck right into the lung busters.
  • That was traumatic enough – how exactly am I now supposed to tell Jack he must look the other way, each time that a beer ad comes on.

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