Roar – The Howie Games has become my favourite podcast, as Mark Howard shares upwards of an hour in open, honest and often heart-felt conversation with some of the greatest sporting stars on the planet.


  • Additionally, Sammy recalled that his mother didn’t want him playing cricket, as the weekend was holy and a time for rest, not competition.
  • Sammy soon became the first St Lucian to represent West Indies, captained his side to two World T20 Cups, and took the reigns in the Test arena.
  • After losing the Test captaincy in 2014, he retired from the game’s longest format, and the day after the podcast was recorded, he was sacked as captain of the T20 side.
  • Discussing the touchy subject of West Indies’ long-term prospects in Test cricket, Sammy lamented the present situation, suggesting egotistical characters on both sides are hampering progress.
  • Although he is “very scared” that West Indies may not feature in long-form cricket in 20 years’ time, he believes that they can dominate the short form, and create a legacy for years to come.

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