Roar – Enough with the negativity!


  • On game day there’ll be DJs, fireworks and gimmicks galore as the players look to land Zooper goals.
  • Domestic cricket hadn’t drawn a crowd for 80 years but now the Big Bash takes over our summers with night after night of non-stop action.
  • T20 cricket was a departure from tradition, but those who deride the franchises, the music, the fireworks and the gimmicks as not being real cricket overlook something important.
  • Just as the inventors of T20 would never have guessed that its place would be to breathe life back into domestic cricket, AFLX’s place in the footy landscape isn’t yet known.
  • It could help the game spread internationally, as it can be played in places where there are no oval grounds and not enough players to field teams of 22.

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