Stuff – Sledging (1): The activity of travelling across snow on a sledge.


  • And in the case of and David Warner, vice-captain of the Australian cricket team, and the latter, they descend into hypocrisy.
  • You will have seen the news clip: an incandescent Warner losing the plot over something South African player Quinton de Kock said in a stairwell during a break in the first cricket test in Durban.
  • READ MORE: * Fiona Barber: pick a side, but play fair * Fiona Barber: It’s ‘survival of the richest’ in NZ’s rental market * Fiona Barber: Taxing lyricalWarner cried foul, alleging de Kock had stepped over a line.
  • Andrew Webster of the Sydney Morning Herald saw it this way: Although he argued that Warner and the Australians should only be afforded “a toenail of the high moral ground”, Webster said he would have reacted the same way.
  • For every single transgression, the sledger pays big bucks to an appropriate charity or campaign – racist taunts result in cash to diversity awareness projects; sledges that attack an opponent’s self-worth result in the player donating to a mental health charity, and so on.

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