ABC News Australia – When did Australian cricket adopt a win-at-all-costs culture?


  • Steve Smith, the 45th captain of the Australian cricket team, a broken man.
  • What is so wrong with the morals of the Australian cricket team that its captain and vice-captain were willing to trash their ethics in pursuit of a minor on-field advantage?
  • “I think we were regarded as ugly Australians at different times because we were aggressive,” says John Buchanan, coach of the Australian team from 1999 to 2007.
  • It was into this environment of reduced on-field success coupled with a legacy of expectation that Smith and his vice-captain David Warner stepped once Michael Clarke, Ricky Ponting’s successor, had called time on his career.
  • Born a week before Border led his team to Ashes victory in England in 1989, Smith is a child of Australian cricket’s modern age.

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