Times of India – In the summer of 2015, a bunch of Hindu priests and their apprentices, their foreheads emblazoned with flamboyant religious markings, descended on the Maharashtra Cricket Association (MCA) Stadium in Pune, and lit a ‘havan’ in one corner of the stadium.


  • During the 2012 final between CSK and KKR in Chennai, there were rumours that a few mysterious red spots had been painted on the walls of the visiting team’s dressing room.
  • Another feature of CSK’s dressing rooms is the rigid seating positions that are allocated as per the Vedic sun signs of the players, and no player is allowed to violate the diktat regarding the positions that is said to be issued every year by CSK owner N Srinivasan’s personal astrologer.
  • After their poor showing in the initial years, numerologist Sanjay Jumaani claims he advised the team to add more of the golden colour to their jerseys and accessories.
  • Colours of jerseys are not the only thing team owners keep tinkering with – team names, too, are fair game.
  • A source told Mirror that a rather junior player of a North India based team was recently appointed captain because of the way his planetary signs were aligned.

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