Bournemouth Daily Echo – A FIVE-YEAR-OLD boy is lucky to be alive, after being struck on the head by a cricket ball.


  • Little Harry Butt was left with severe concussion, a swollen nose and eye, plus sight and hearing problems after the ball flew over the fence from a match being played on the Poole Grammar School field into Haslar Road, where he and his family were visiting friends.
  • Now Harry’s mum Michelle, and the residents of Haslar Road, are demanding something is be done, before someone else is seriously injured, or worse.
  • Harry, who goes to Ad Astra Infant School, was discharged on Friday morning, with Michelle under strict instructions to keep a close eye on him for the next fortnight and to return to hospital if she was worried.
  • Poole Grammar School called Michelle on Friday afternoon and told her they could not raise the height of the fence due to health and safety, as the site was too windy.
  • But Michelle said residents of Haslar Road had been complaining for years about cricket balls coming over the fence and hitting their cars, conservatories and ending up on their roofs, and said action should have been taken before a child was hurt.

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