Gulf News – Cricket is being repeatedly hit by scandals.


  • Hardly had the ball-tampering scandal ended and resulted in two of the finest batsmen in the game getting banned for a year when Al Jazeera TV’s unearthed instances of pitch fixing and spot fixing in Test matches.
  • Scandals happen because some cricketers, despite their enormous skills, are not willing to play according to the spirit of the game.
  • Al Jazeera TV revelations mention involvement of some cricketers, and if any of them are found guilty, it is likely to end their careers like some of them in the past.
  • Even though every cricketer is well aware of the enormous shame that awaits him if caught for corrupting the sport, many still fall prey to the lure of quick money.
  • Hence, it is not only cricketers but everyone associated with the game who must block these people who have no qualms in selling the soul of cricket for money.

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