Canberra Times – “Standing at over 200 centimetres and at full stretch, who knows how tall that is?


  • “He was a little bit frustrated, to be honest, yesterday, and it’s the first time I’ve seen him sort of even glance in the umpire’s direction; he usually just gets on with it, and that’s our instruction to him: ‘Mate, at times you’re going to be infringed and not have a free kick paid for you, but you’ve just got to keep launching at the ball.
  • On Friday night Rampe was heard on the umpire’s microphone complaining to the umpire that a free kick paid against him was because of Clarkson’s complaint, which singled him out for blocking or wrapping his arms around players.
  • “I watched a game last week where Dane Rampe’s playing on Ben Brown … there’s only one way that he can actually defend in that manner, he’s not actually defending the ball, he’s defending the body,” Clarkson said.
  • He won the AFL Players Association Grant Hattam Trophy for excellence in journalism for the second time in 2014 and was a finalist in the 2014 Quill Awards for best sports feature writer.
  • He is a winner of the AFL Media Association award for best news reporter and a two-time winner of Cricket Victoria’s cricket writer of the year award.

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