Stuff – Robbie Kerr was out on the cul-de-sac tossing a ball around with his two daughters.


  • Fast forward seven years, and Amelia Kerr is becoming one of the stars of women’s cricket in New Zealand and abroad, and at the age of just 17.
  • For Amelia Kerr, her early days meant she worked on her technique and placement of the cricket ball while batting, and developed the mental side of her game.
  • “Andrew Smith with the Firebirds, he does a lot of stuff with her when she’s in Wellington,” Murray said of Kerr’s strength and conditioning work.
  • Robbie Kerr said her standard day can be intense when she’s in New Zealand, but she gets her work, school and free time balance just right.
  • He’s 60 years older than Amelia Kerr, almost to the day, but you can see a lot of his game in the young star.

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