Times of India – MUMBAI: The BCCI on Tuesday issued a 10-point advisory to its affiliated units for conducting T20 tournaments.


  • It is clarified that players registered with the Staging Association and/or with the clubs/districts within the territorial jurisdiction of the Staging Association for the sake of playing local matches/Tournament, but who represent another State Association in the BCCI Domestic Tournaments are not eligible to participate in the Tournament.
  • The Staging Association must incorporate by necessary reference in the contracts with franchisees/players etc.
  • Protocols to be followed regarding BCCI Anti Corruption Code and BCCI Players and Match Officials Area (“PMOA”) Minimum Standards BCCI Anti-Corruption Unit (“ACU”) shall have the oversight of the Tournament in regards to enforcing the BCCI Anti Corruption Code for the participants and the PMOA Minimum Standards.
  • BCCI is under no obligation to share any information with the Staging Association, which may come in possession of the ACO’s while on duty in connection with the Tournament.
  • (b) All stakeholders including the team officials, players and support staff, match officials, curators and people associated with organizing the Tournament shall be bound by the BCCI Anti Corruption Code.

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