Ad News – Seven West Media (SWM) CEO Tim Worner has labelled the upcoming summer of cricket as the most “disruptive change in Seven’s and Australian broadcasting” history.


  • As part of the new deal, Seven has now created set ‘mega days’ of cricket, which include 13 hours of the game, interrupted only by the nightly news broadcast.
  • The days will take place during the upcoming summer test series with India and the current season of the Big Bash League (BBL).
  • The end of the remoteSeven’s new head of sport, Dave Barham, told AdNews that this will be the “end of the remote” for not just test cricket fans, but anyone who will engage with the sport.
  • Barham says the singular network setup will allow for a more succinct broadcast, with each game feeding into one another, with new segments including clips from BBL games being played during Test match lunch and tea breaks.
  • If an average Test match generates 700,000 to 800,000 viewers coming into a Seven’s news broadcast which, based on OzTam average ratings, averages a million viewers, Barham says this will maintain viewership through to Big Bash games.

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