Gulf Times (Qatar) – Virat Kohli: domineering

By Andy Bull/The Guardian

The second Test was all of 37 balls old when Virat Kohli found himself back in the middle, batting again.


  • The series has had five days of play and it feels as though Kohli has been a central figure on every one of them, centre stage for every hour but the odd one when his teammates have managed a stand long enough to allow him some rest.
  • Kohli’s is still the key wicket and India’s fate is so closely bound to his own that all three innings they have played so far have turned on his dismissal.
  • So here was Kohli, batting for the match all over again, with Cheteshwar Pujara at the other end.
  • But as Kohli and Pujara crossed the rope, the rain stopped and the sun peeped out from behind a cloud.
  • So Pujara paid for Kohli’s wicket with his own.

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