Australian, The – FOOTBALL clubs are very complex places — they are engaged in the endless pursuit of perfect team chemistry and a winning “culture”.


  • Here are some of the things I’ve learned at Melbourne: THERE is a family/old man crew and an under-23 PlayStation crew.
  • Lewis and Jones, along with Bernie Vince, Nev Jetta and Cam Pedersen, are the dads of our group, as well as being fathers in their families.
  • Petracca, Clayton Oliver, James Harmes, Angus Brayshaw and Jesse Hogan are the ringleaders, and their code seems to be hours on PlayStation, with little sleep.
  • THEN we have the “weird, mature young guy” group — Jake Lever, Alex Neal-Bullen, Billy Stretch and Tom McDonald (who is a bit older).
  • DEMON SUBSETS The inner sanctum, according to Gawn FAMILY MEN Like: Talking about toddlers, drinking wine Key member: Jordan Lewis PLAYSTATION CREW Like: Bizarre handshakes, minimal sleep Key member: Jesse Hogan WEIRD AND MATURE Like: Being grown-up, rock climbing Key member: Alex Neal-Bullen BOMBER BROTHERS Like: Being from Essendon Key member: Michael Hibberd CRICKET NUTS Like: Trying to bowl out Pat McKennaKey member: Sam Weideman

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