Southern Daily Echo – “IT WAS the best decision I ever made.”

Those are the words of a Hampshire cricketer who opted to have a leg amputated in a bid to end the excruciating pain that was ruining his life.


  • Rob Franks, head coach at Ellingham Cricket Club in the New Forest, has already returned to the wicket.
  • Rob, who had the operation at the Spire Hospital in Southampton in March, said: “Things have progressed rapidly.
  • Ten weeks after the operation a pain-free Rob received his artificial leg and was also made captain of the Middlesex Disability Development Team.
  • As reported in the Daily Echo, Rob was injured playing cricket in 2011 and was found to have an aggressive tumour in his left knee.
  • A second operation left Rob with nerve damage, forcing him to use crutches and a wheelchair to get around.

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