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Not out!


  • block-time published-time 12.50pm BST24th over: India 79-2 (Pujara 14, Kohli 1) So it’s Broad to Kohli, and Root brings in a short leg for the first time today, to remind the great man how he got out at Lord’s.
  • Photograph: Philip Brown/Getty Imagesblock-time updated-timeUpdated at 12.
  • block-time published-time 12.05pm BST15th over: India 43-0 (Dhawan 31, Rahul 10) Woakes duly appears and beats both batsmen – a beauty to Dhawan, holding its line, and a ball that keeps low to Rahul, going under his attempted cut.
  • block-time published-time 11.52am BST12th over: India 41-0 (Dhawan 29, Rahul 10) Stokes drops short and wide again, and it comes off the pitch so slowly that Dhawan’s cut for four goes in front of square this time.
  • block-time updated-timeUpdated at 11.

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