Guardian Web – block-time published-time 2.55pm BST

41st over: India 95-3 (Kohli 41, Rahane 31) Rashid goes again, but again the batsmen deal with a maiden quite comfortably.


  • block-time published-time 2.48pm BST39th over: India 91-3 (Kohli 38, Rahane 30) A change of ends for Rashid: he replaces Moeen, and Kohli hits him down the ground for three, Jennings doing well to haul it in from the boundary.
  • block-time published-time 2.33pm BST36th over: India 79-3 (Kohli 31, Rahane 25) Kohli pulls Rashid into the leg side for a couple.
  • block-time published-time 2.29pm BST35th over: India 74-3 (Kohli 27, Rahane 24) That’s good for Rahane and Kohli, who take a couple of low-risk singles off Moeen.
  • block-time published-time 2.12pm BST29th over: India 64-3 (Kohli 22, Rahane 19) Rahane survives an LBW appeal from Moeen after missing a sweep.
  • block-time published-time 1.58pm BST25th over: India 60-3 (Kohli 18, Rahane 19) That’s another aspect of the first Kohli LBW appeal – not only did he survive, but England lost a review as well.

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