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Not out!


  • block-time published-time 12.28pm BST12th over: India 29-3 (Kohli 3, Rahane 4) – target 245 Three singles from the first three balls of Broad’s over: the third they think about what would have been an entirely suicidal second, but shrewdly think again.
  • Photograph: Gareth Copley/Getty Imagesblock-time updated-timeUpdated at 12.18pm BSTblock-time published-time 12.07pm BST8th over: India 18-2 (Dhawan 13, Kohli 0) – target 245 England sure are excited.
  • block-time published-time 12.03pm BST7th over: India 17-2 (Dhawan 12, Kohli 0) – target 245 Anderson has Dhawan groping outside off, one that nips away just too much to catch the edge.
  • Anderson traps Pujara, it looks good but he goes upstairs…
  • block-time published-time 11.36am BST2nd over: India 0-0 (Dhawan 0, Rahul 0) – target 245 Stu Broad from the other end, who has a bit of redeeming to do after that dose of silliness with the bat.

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