The Economic Times – It’s the fundamental question for all opening batsmen: when to play, and when to leave.


  • And so perhaps it is no surprise that when the time came for Alastair Cook to apply that question to himself, he addressed it with the same equanimity, the same unflappable judgement, the same cold dispassion with which he has treated each of the 26,086 balls he has faced in his Test career.
  • He was fortunate, between around 2009 and 2013, to play with some of the giants of the modern game, the likes of Kevin Pietersen and Jonathan Trott, James Anderson and Stuart Broad, men whose achievements reflected and amplified Cook’s own, culminating in one of the greatest England teams most of us have ever seen.
  • Whoever wrote that great cricketers are born and not made clearly never saw Cook.
  • He would be man of the series against Australia in 2010-11 and India in 2012-13, England’s two greatest away triumphs of the modern era.
  • He would make 294 against India at Edgbaston as England claimed the No 1 world ranking.

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