The West – The memory of Australian test cricket player John Cottam, who died in Coolgardie in 1897, has been honoured, with a plaque and headstone at his previously unmarked grave.


  • Although it was known Mr Cottam died in Coolgardie, his final resting place remained a mystery until amateur cricket historian and prospector Clint Easton decided to search for answers.
  • After an intermittent research period spread across five years, Mr Easton discovered Mr Cottam was buried in plot 10 at the Coolgardie Cemetery.
  • Mr Easton said he planned to pay for a headstone to honour Mr Cottam’s legacy, but on hearing the news, Cricket NSW and Cricket Australia announced they would fund the memorial.
  • The plaque was unveiled on Wednesday, September 5, coinciding with Mr Cottam’s birthday 151 years ago.
  • “I play cricket myself and enjoy studying history, I bought a book and saw Mr Cottam’s name mentioned, I thought that is where I am prospecting so I would do a bit of investigating,” Mr Easton said.

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