Afternoon Despatch & Courier (India) – New Delhi, Sep.


  • In his own words he says , “Sunil is the main reason why I switched from cricket to badminton.
  • The Guinness Book has recognized my achievement in their 2007 edition as being the only person to win an official world championship with a replaced knee in a sport requiring running.
  • I was very happy for the first twenty odd years of my married life because my wife Kanchan displayed admirable talents in managing the house, three hyperactive daughters and an extremely demanding job at Tata Hospital.
  • My knee was replaced in April 2003 after I had already won three doubles national titles and being runner up twice in the veteran’s category ( 45+ age group ) I bashed my knees so badly over the years that I had broken cartilages and ligaments and this was the result that I could not continue playing with the old knee.
  • I have been on my own for the last twelve years and have been reasonably happy.

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