Pitch (India) – Tell us little bit about the brands association with sports?


  • This has led to other sports being ignored for far too long and as a result non-cricket athletes have remained out of the spotlight – in terms of public support and endorsements from corporates.
  • So, this was not just a brand opportunity for us but also our civicresponsibility to support them in whatever way we can – be it providing them the resources they need to train or create awareness about their achievements and galvanise public support for them.
  • These alternative sports and athletes representing them share a lot of common values with us as a brand – perseverance, grit, tenacity and a winning attitude.
  • After a thorough process of collecting and analysing customer insights, we designed Zindagi Plus, a comprehensive term plan.
  • Better Half Benefit, a unique option provided as a part of Zindagi Plus, helps our customers take care of their spouse in their absence.

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