Hindustan Times – Recently we’ve witnessed both ends of the batting self-preservation spectrum, ranging from high-class to downright stupid.


  • RUN OUT WHILE CHATTINGLabuschagne was then trumped by Pakistani pair Azhar Ali and Asad Shafiq, who contrived to out-do his performance with an act so careless it was beyond stupidity.
  • WHEN DHONI WAS BOOEDThen it was Indian captain MS Dhoni on the receiving end at Trent Bridge after England batsman Ian Bell was run out in a Test.
  • Bell failed to ascertain the ball had reached the boundary before leaving his crease for the tea break and Dhoni – quite correctly – assisted in completing the run out.
  • On that occasion the amiable Redpath was Mankaded by West Indies fast bowler Charlie Griffith, after he wandered out of his crease without ensuring the ball had left the bowler’s hand.
  • Nearly fifty years on, Redpath still referred to Griffith as “bleedin’ Charlie”, despite the fact that he then repeated his mental error in the next Test at the SCG, only to be reprieved when fast bowler Wes Hall refused to remove the bails.

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