Mercury (Hobart, Australia) – THE more we learn about cricket’s ball-tampering scandal, the more we realise how much we don’t know.


  • Because Cricket Australia investigated only the Cape Town Test, kept their questions to a narrow band and did not interview all tourists, there has always been a suspicion that more people may have known than the three players.
  • Say what you like about team harmony but in five Tests he has missed Australia has not discovered a big-time player.
  • Steve Smith and Warner have both insisted there was no major falling out, but they are yet to train with each other and it’s difficult to see how such a life-changing event could not diminish a relationship that was not tight to begin with.
  • If Warner comes back to the top of the order, does Australia really want to partner him with Bancroft?
  • Former Test bat Michael Slater suggested Warner’s relationship with Bancroft may now be untenable.

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