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  • block-time published-time 8.
  • Amla 41 not out, Phehlukwayo 17 not outblock-time updated-timeUpdated at 7.59pm BSTblock-time published-time 7.55pm BST28th over: South Africa 124-1 (Amla 40, Phehlukwayo 11) Aftab comes back.
  • block-time published-time 7.23pm BST20th over: South Africa 91-0 (Amla 30, de Kock 60) Nabi keeps it tight till the fourth ball when Amla, feet firmly not dancing, hauls the ball over his shoulder for four.
  • block-time updated-timeUpdated at 7.22pm BSTblock-time published-time 7.07pm BST15th over: South Africa 62-0 (Amla 19, de Kock 42) On Sky, they point out how Rashid is at his best when the batsmen have to attack him.
  • block-time updated-timeUpdated at 7.07pm BSTblock-time published-time 7.03pm BST14th over: South Africa 57-0 (Amla 19, de Kock 37) A punch and a pull, a pocketful of singles from Amla and de Kock.

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