• TIMESOFINDIA.COM | Aug 18, 2017 | 18:22:01England vs West Indies Live Score: Live Cricket Score of England vs West Indies, 1st Test, Day 2, EdgbastonCheck Live Cricket Score, Live Commentary, Scorecard, Ball by Ball commentary of 1st Test match between England vs West Indies on Times of IndiaLive Scores1st Test at LIVEEngland won the toss06:50 PM (IST)94.5 : England:359/394.5: K Roach to Cook, No run.06:50 PM (IST)94.4 : England:359/394.4: K Roach to Malan, 1 run.06:49 PM (IST)94.3 : England:358/394.3: K Roach to Malan, Lands it on a length on leg stump, nips away a little.
  • He played this shot to a lot of effect yesterday.06:46 PM (IST)93.5 : England:350/393.5: J Holder to A Cook, Back of a length on middle, Cook gets it off the outer half towards gully who makes a good stop diving to his right.06:45 PM (IST)93.4 : England:350/393.4: J Holder to Malan, Drifts on the pads, Malan flicks it towards the leg side for a run.06:44 PM (IST)93.3 : England:349/393.3: J Holder to A Cook, Good length again on middle, Cook tries to defend but gets an inside edge and the ball rolls towards square leg.
  • Malan tries to defend it off the front foot but gets beaten.06:39 PM (IST)92.2 : England:348/392.2: K Roach to Malan, Good length outside off, Malan does not bother playing a shot at it.06:39 PM (IST)92.1 : England:348/392.1: K Roach to Malan, Bowls it full and very wide outside off, inviting the batsman to drive at it but Malan does not fiddle with it.06:38 PM (IST)91.6 : England:348/391.6: J Holder to Cook, Lands it on a length on middle, Cook defends it by covering the line of the stumps.
  • Another full delivery on the stumps, Malan pushes it to covers.06:32 PM (IST)90.3 : England:348/390.3: K Roach to Malan, Full delivery on off stump, Malan leans into it and drives it to point.06:32 PM (IST)90.2 : England:348/390.2: K Roach to Malan, Lands it on a length on off, Dawid lunges forward and defends it.06:31 PM (IST)90.1 : England:348/390.1: K Roach to Malan, Starts off with a full ball on off, Malan drives to covers.06:29 PM (IST)We’re ready to get underway.
  • Malan lets it through to the keeper.02:00 AM (IST)89.4 : England:347/389.4: R Chase to Malan, Quicker on off, Malan defends it off the back foot.02:00 AM (IST)89.3 : England:347/389.3: R Chase to Malan, Floats it on middle, the batsman defends it watchfully.02:00 AM (IST)89.2 : England:347/389.2: R Chase to Cook, Fires it on the pads, Cook flicks it towards square leg for a run.01:59 AM (IST)89.1 : England:346/389.1: R Chase to Malan, Tosses it on off, Malan drives it through covers for a run.01:59 AM (IST)Roston Chase will bowl the last over of the day.01:58 AM (IST)88.6 : England:345/388.6: K Brathwaite to Cook, Bowls it wide enough for the batsman to not play at it.01:58 AM (IST)88.5 : England:345/388.5: K Brathwaite to Cook, Drags his length back on off, Alastair defends it off the back foot.01:57 AM (IST)88.4 : England:345/388.4: K Brathwaite to Cook, Floats it on off, Cook defends it solidly.01:57 AM (IST)88.3 : England:345/388.3: K Brathwaite to Cook, The batsman chooses to leave the ball outside his off stump.01:57 AM (IST)88.2 : England:345/388.2: K Brathwaite to Malan, Flatter and shorter outside off, Malan cuts it through to sweeper cover for a run.01:56 AM (IST)88.1 : England:344/388.1: K Brathwaite to Malan, Slower through the air outside off, Malan lets it through to the keeper.Quick ScorecardScoreBallsA Cook158288D Malan3472K Roach22.52/77England Score359/394.5More from The Times of IndiaRecommended By Colombia

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