Kaieteur News – By Sean Devers
The race for the Presidency of the Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) is getting closer to the finish line and the new BCB head will be known on October 8.


  • A member of Berbice Board since in the 1980’s, Somwaru said he wanted to be judged by his works.
  • I first became involved in cricket administration around the same time that Carl Moore (former Guyana youth Manager and PRO of the BCB) became a member,” stated Somwaru, who was the Stand-by Umpire for the ODIs when West Indies played Zimbabwe and England at Bourda.
  • “We go back a long way and I am not a person to engage in fighting and mud-slinging just to get a position and I hope we can both keep the dirty cricket politics out of this elections,” said Somwaru who began Umpiring at First-Class level in the 1990’s and stood in a few West Indies ‘A’ team games in Guyana.
  • Sponsorship for competitions is a major problem and should I be elected I want everyone to be involved for the good of Berbice Cricket,” informed Somwaru.
  • When asked why there have only been two rounds of 40-over first division cricket for the year and no two-day tournaments during the time he was in control of Berbice Cricket, Somwaru explained, “I admit that there has not been enough cricket for the players but you must remember that due to rain, the grounds were not in a good condition and when the weather changed the (GCB/CGI) Franchise League began so we did not have enough time to play more matches,” Somwaru revealed.

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