Hindustan Times – In cricket, there’s no dearth of qualified coaches and top-class infrastructure to hone talent in India.


  • As part of his endeavour to transform India from being a sports loving nation to a sports playing nation, Sachin Tendulkar has urged the Indian government to set up an organisation that employs former players, who can do what they do best — share their expertise with young children at various platforms, including schools.
  • On Thursday, Tendulkar had moved a short discussion motion on the future of sports in India and right to play in his maiden speech in the Rajya Sabha.
  • He then shared the ideas contained in his speech on social media, the crux of which was to raise the standard of all sports in India.
  • “In my speech, I have requested the central government to spare some percentage of money for developing sports infrastructure.
  • He also tweeted: “It is my endeavour to transform India from being a sport loving nation to a sport playing nation.

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