The Telegraph – You are a member of Marylebone Cricket Club.


  • Royal Mail said it is sorry it has not been able to carry out a detailed search for the ticket, as items going via the “signed for” service are only scanned when they are handed in at a Post Office and then again when they are delivered.
  • The ticket will have travelled with normal first and second-class mail until the point of delivery.
  • Further to my involvement, Royal Mail is now liaising with Post Office branches to clarify how the service works and what, if any, compensation might be paid.
  • Royal Mail said: “Although we do not usually consider compensation for lost tickets sent by untracked mail, we acknowledge the level of inconvenience and concern caused.”
  • The Post Office said: “Whilst it is correct that first-class ‘signed for’ delivery provides customers with insurance of up to £50, this unfortunately does not apply to cash or tickets, and we are very sorry if this was not made clear to our customer at the time.

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