Hindu – Chennai: Amidst the rousing hits, incisive deliveries, gravity-defying catches and tight finishes, IPL-11 has been making news for another reason — umpiring howlers.


  • We saw evidence of that again when Kolkata Knight Riders’ Tom Curran was adjudged to have bowled a no-ball against Mumbai Indians on Wednesday when almost half his foot was within the crease.
  • No-ball is a big deal, particularly in the shorter formats when it is accompanied by a free hit and can so easily lead to momentum shifts, alter the result of a close game.
  • And cricket’s governing body must make provision for the use of television replays each time a no-ball is called in T20 cricket and not just after dismissals as is the case now.
  • There have been embarrassing errors such as a seven-ball over — a crime in T20 cricket where last ball finishes are commonplace — faulty leg-before and caught-behind decisions, apart from some wrong calling of wides.
  • After Jasprit Bumrah had Umesh Yadav caught, the umpire stopped the batsman to check for no-ball.

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