Times of India – Delhi boy
Rishabh Pant is in top form.


  • Delhi boy Rishabh Pant is in top form.
  • Rishabh Pant at a Noida mall “Hum kisi bhi situation mein let down nahi karte, and particularly when it is a pressure situation in the game, we are always standing tall.
  • Contrary to popular opinion, Rishabh says his on-field aggression did not bother the usually calm and composed Rahul Dravid, who coached the youngster when he played for India U-19 and India ‘A’ teams.
  • “He (Dravid) never asked me to rein in my aggression,” Rishabh reveals, adding, “In fact, his only advice about on-field conduct was to just express yourself on the field and play your natural game.”
  • Rishabh is currently sporting a blond streak and says, “I just like trying new looks and new things.

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