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64th over: India 166-9 (Ashwin 7, Bumrah 0) Virat Kohli looks pretty despondent on the balcony.


  • block-time published-time 4.38pm BST61st over: India 153-7 (Ashwin 2, Sharma 0) Moeen Ali is such a diffident character that you wouldn’t necessarily expect him to thrive when there’s a match to be won in the fourth innings.
  • block-time updated-timeUpdated at 4.27pm BSTblock-time published-time 4.23pm BST58th over: India 146-5 (Rahane 50, Pant 14) Stokes tries to tempt Rahane into a fatal flirt off stump.
  • block-time published-time 4.19pm BST57th over: India 146-5 (Rahane 50, Pant 14) The ultra-aggressive Pant survives a big LBW appeal from Moeen after missing a sweep.
  • block-time published-time 4.11pm BST55th over: India 140-5 (Rahane 47, Pant 11) Pant will surely have a dash and try to unsettle England.
  • block-time updated-timeUpdated at 4.

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