Cricket World – Play was initially interrupted in the eighth over of South Africa batting and with no prospect of further play possible, the match was officially, called off at 4.15pm by John Wilson and Rod Tucker – the two Australian umpires.


  • A South Africa -West Indies cricket clash, ever since the two teams met for the first time, in the 1992 World Cup, remains an eagerly awaited fixture.
  • South Africa with three defeats on the bounce in the World Cup, perhaps are only one loss away from making it almost impossible to emerge as a contender for a semi-final slot.
  • The beauty of a single-league format is that it allows teams opportunity to come back into the tournament, after a poor start which South Africa has made with defeats against England, Bangladesh and India.
  • Shortly though, after 7.3 overs and South Africa struggling at 29-2, rain did arrive for the ground staff to protect both the pitch and the entire square.
  • A point each for South Africa and West Indies in a washout.

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