Apple Watch helping Australia’s Women’s Cricket team

9to5Mac – Elite athletes tend to train at a level that leaves almost no room for major experimentation.


  • That’s why the Women’s Cricket team in Australia is leveraging the Apple Watch and a special app to quantify training in real time.
  • The special app used to enhance performance and reduce the risk of injury was made for the Apple Watch by the Australian Institute of Sport.
  • Apple detailed the program in a Newsroom story shared on its Australian site:Through wearing Apple Watch and interacting with the app, the team tracks and shares their all-day activity, enabling coaches to monitor and modify the team’s workload based on key metrics including training load, heart rate, mood and sleep data.
  • The Apple Watch app is easy to understand for athletes, and heart rate data is viewable at a glance.
  • All Apple Watch customers can track activity while playing cricket through the Workout app’s “Other” exercise type.

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